The benefits of bilingualism and bilingual education

Do you speak more than one language at home? Do you have children and want them to grow up fully bilingual?

This free online seminar will help you learn about the benefits of bilingual education and give you practical information on how to raise bilingual children. Presented by expert John McCaffery – former HoD of the University of Auckland and former coordinator of the Faculty’s Bilingual Education papers. His key research is on bilingual education programmes for Maori, Samoan and French.

Some of the key messages you will learn about:

  • Why making a family bilingual plan with clear goals and aspirations is important?
  • How to support biliteracy through teaching literacy, reading & writing, in two languages?
  • Being bilingual has many advantages including:
    • Higher academic achievements
    • Raised self-esteem, self‑confidence, sense of belonging
    • Better cognitive ability
  • For bilingualism to work, it takes 6-8 years to deliver outcomes needed for success at school.

What will you get?

  • 45min video seminar
  • copy of the accompanying presentation
  • summary of the key points